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What Every Educator Needs to Know About the Brain and Electronics


Teaching a Brain Exposed to Trauma


Stimulate your brain by sipping eight-twelve ounces of liquid through a “crazy straw.”  Sucking stimulates both sides of the brain and enhances neural pathways. Judith Bluestone, The HANDLE Institute Write; Listen, Tell  to process new information.  Stop during a lesson.  Have students write an idea or draw a visual on a sticky note depicting something […]

Training the Trainer

Training the Trainer: Setting People Up For Success Everyone can learn. Presenting information in a way that reaches all participants is crucial to training success. Understanding how adults learn forms the foundation for effective program development. Discover three learning style patterns that determine learning success or failure. Learn about current brain research and its implications […]

Time Management

Help! I Don’t Have Time! Since there is always more to do, if working harder, smarter and faster won’t solve the problem, what will? Learn how to determine what is truly important in your life. Discover the importance of identifying your personal vision and mission. Set your goals in keeping with your mission and vision. […]

Thinking Skills

Developing Critical Thinking Skills This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of teaching thinking skills and how to actively engage students in the learning process. Understanding how the brain learns is key to achieving thinking success. Teaching specific study skills, thinking techniques and tools empowers students to be in control of their own learning […]

Study Skills

Attend, Focus and Remember: Study Skills That Work Memory, attention and focusing skills are key to long-term learning. Learn what controls attention and how to develop students’ attention and focusing skills. Understand the importance of teaching students how to use and develop their visual memory skills. Identify three kinds of memory and how to use […]

Stress Management

The Stress Connection: Understanding How Stress Affects Learning Your students’ futures depend on their ability to grasp new concepts, to make new choices and to learn, unlearn and relearn throughout life. The age of instant communication dictates that students know and understand themselves well. Eighty percent of learning difficulties are attributed to stress. Students need […]


Reading Actively: Actively Reading This workshop is designed to provide structures to engage students actively in the reading process. Understanding how the brain learns is key to achieving reading success. Teaching specific reading skills, techniques and tools empowers students be in control of their own learning process. Teaching students how to be attuned to themselves […]