Stress Management

  • The Stress Connection: Understanding How Stress Affects Learning

    Your students’ futures depend on their ability to grasp new concepts, to make new choices and to learn, unlearn and relearn throughout life. The age of instant communication dictates that students know and understand themselves well. Eighty percent of learning difficulties are attributed to stress. Students need to understand what stress is, how it impacts their learning and how to develop techniques and tools to be lifelong learners. Understanding the importance of the mind-body connection in managing stress is vital for active learning.

  • Stress Management in the 21st century

    Is your cup half empty or half full? This session focuses on stress management. It is easy to short change ourselves. Multitasking is the operative word in the culture. Do more in less time with the same results is society’s mantra. Is it possible? Learn seven techniques and strategies to develop and maintain a positive perspective, to live in the present, and to develop and maintain a balance between school and home.