Study Skills

  • Attend, Focus and Remember: Study Skills That Work

    Memory, attention and focusing skills are key to long-term learning. Learn what controls attention and how to develop students’ attention and focusing skills. Understand the importance of teaching students how to use and develop their visual memory skills. Identify three kinds of memory and how to use them effectively in lessons.

  • The Magic Nine Teaching Techniques That Work

    This session is designed to provide an understanding of nine effective teaching techniques that actively engage students in learning. Learn how to developing students’ visual thinking skills to enhance comprehension. Understand the role homework and practice play in the learning process. Discover three keys to activate long term memory and to focus on academic success

  • Note Making and Other Study Skills

    Learn how to learn. Discover the difference between note taking and note making. Learn how to actively incorporate study skills, strategies and techniques in daily assignments to teach secondary students to be efficient learners. Experience how to develop visual thinking skills to aid recall, memory and learning. Discover how learning how to juggle provides a metaphor for learning as well as an integration activity to help students be effective learners.