Thinking Skills

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills

    This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of teaching thinking skills and how to actively engage students in the learning process. Understanding how the brain learns is key to achieving thinking success. Teaching specific study skills, thinking techniques and tools empowers students to be in control of their own learning process. Teach students how to be attuned to themselves and their learning styles, learn strategies to develop students’ study and critical thinking skills, and experience the impact of the mind-body connection in the learning process. Use this information to structure lessons, to accelerate learning, to teach study skills and to teach critical thinking skills. Learn six techniques to develop critical thinkers.

  • Problem Solving

    This workshop is designed to enhance problem solving abilities. Techniques, understandings and strategies will be explored to create efficient and effective means of problem solving. Students will document their current techniques and learn to expand their options based on a given situation.